American dynamics video management system

American Dynamics Video Surveillance System

American Dynamics, part of Tyco Security Products, offers some of the world’s most widely adopted video solutions for improved security and business performance. Comprehensive Video Management Solutions for Optimized Video Security.

American dynamics Video management systems are globally scalable solutions optimized for command and control that synchronizes video surveillance with other security systems into one powerful interface. The system enables high-performance video streaming, and cutting-edge analytics and video intelligence for streamlined operation and security management.

American Dynamics ProDucts

Video Management Systems

American Dynamics offers the most comprehensive range of video management solutions on the market. From the industry-renowned Network Client for digital video management, to the game-changing victor unified video management solution, managing video and CCTV systems has never been more intuitive.

Video Analytics

Network Video Appliances
1. Tyco Transcoder
2. Tyco Analytics Appliance

VideoEdge IP NVRs

VideoEdge NVRs

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