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Our broad line of security cameras offers solutions to protect visitors, co-workers and employees. From parking areas, to offices and any other kind of commercial facility; Video Surveillance solutions from TTC Distribution can be of great help to all genres of commercial and industrial entities: it can monitor traffic flow, individual behavior and much more…


The petroleum industry is very important in our region includes the global processes of exploration, extraction, refining, transporting, and marketing petroleum products. The procedure includes many facilities and amenities that need to be covered. We can do just that with the powerful cameras, servers, storage and effective networking solutions, whether wired or wireless.


Patients, staff and visitors working in the healthcare environment, all need to feel safe in a place filled with sickness and deaths. It is our main role to provide that security in hospitals while ensuring the surroundings are danger-free. Needless to say it is not an easy task: protecting million worth equipment and even more worth humans, yet we have all the tools and resources that enable us to provide effective monitoring of critical areas in…


Seeing what is happening worldwide, cities are becoming eager to safeguard their citizens. Usually, their requirements differ but are always aimed at achieving an extensive, tailor-made comprehensive solution to meet state-of-the-art security demand. Something that can easily be fulfilled by TTC Distribution solutions as deterring crime and vandalism as well as protecting against terrorism, are our priority as well


Banking and Finance is a very vulnerable field security wise. With TTC Disitribution comprehensive solutions, we are fully equipped to cover all the aspects: be it ATM Areas and Vestibules, Entrance & Lobby, Counter/Teller…


Militry sector is a very important field security TTC Disitribution provied comprehensive solutions like IP Cameras , Thermal cameras and long range PTZ cameras.


Airports and Seaports are full of travelers, workers and luggage; not to mention the wide spaces that it offers… This makes those the perfect target for wrong doers and terrorists. Safety requirements will sure be met with our megapixel cameras and solutions that will be monitoring the various perimeters and facilities. Video surveillance combined with intelligent tools such as video analytics reduce the risks of attacks and ensure compliance with…


Hallways, stairs, showrooms, malls…. From the smallest point to the largest, our comprehensive solutions can help achieve total security and reduce theft risks at both retail spaces as well as dark parking areas.


We can help you with security and surveillance site design, and recommend the best physical security products, software and hardware, based on your specific monitoring needs.