We have partnered with the industry’s best manufacturers of video storage servers, offering our customers storage and server solutions that are custom-built for surveillance and security installations

Storage Solutions from Entry level to Enterprise

We offer a wide range of video storage server products specially designed for surveillance applications including purpose-built SAN storage system. Hyper-converged infrastructure solutions, edge appliances designed for video surveillance in distributed environments, SAS storage and a series of RAID storage systems

  • Expandable to 240TB with additional drives
  • Fault tolerant of hard drive or power source failure Enterprise RAID 5/6 and redundant power supplies
  • Maximize hard drive reliability with enterprise-class hard drives

Optional RAID protected operating system drives guarantee high availability, maximizing system up-time


NVR & Servers

We offer a wide range of Video Storage Server and NVR Complementing our Video Storage & Sarver offering is our range of Network Video Recorders (NVR), providing powerful all-in-one and ground-breaking solutions designed for simplicity and so of use, including plug-and-play products, server switches and RAID 5&6 technology empowered solutions.

  • All of our solutions are customizable and scalable.
  • Record up to 24, 64 ,128 IP cameras and 64 analog cameras
  • Compatible with Thousands of IP camera models

Store up to 240TB



We offer a wide range of Workstations for monitoring stations are ideal for viewing and monitoring video to meet the demands of the video security industry



We can help you with security and surveillance site design, and recommend the best physical security products, software and hardware, based on your specific monitoring needs.