Axis Communications

Axis Communication

Axis Communications AB is a Swedish manufacturer or axis security camera distributor. They offer axis communications network cameras, access control, and network audio devices for the physical security and video surveillance industries. 

Axis CCTV Camera is a market leader in globally renowned in-network videos and has recently surfaced as a robust force behind the shift from analog to digital video surveillance systems

Axis Communication Products

Fixed dome cameras

Fixed box cameras

Fixed box cameras from Axis send a powerful message of deterrence to potential offenders:

Fixed bullet cameras

PTZ cameras

Modular cameras

Panoramic cameras

Thermal cameras

Explosion-protected cameras

Onboard cameras

Specialty cameras

Positioning cameras

Canon network cameras

Network audio

Network speakers
2N SIP Mic
Audio management software
Audio system devices

Access Control

Network Door Controllers
Readers & Credentials
Access control Management Software
Network I/O relay modules

NVRS and workstations

Video Recorders NVRs

Video Mangment Software

AXIS Camera Station
Analytics for security, safety and operational efficiency