digital watchdog surveillance system middle east

Digital Watchdog Surveillance System

DW® is a leading manufacturer of NDAA/TAA compliant complete surveillance solutions, offering stunning image quality, advanced hardware capabilities, superior video management, reliable customer support and the lowest total cost of deployment for IP megapixel Universal HD over Coax® megapixel and legacy analog applications. Get a cutting-edge digital watchdog surveillance system in the Middle East. We’re a trusted distributor of digital watchdog surveillance systems in the Middle East, delivering state-of-the-art security camera systems to businesses.

DW’s catalog includes an NDAA-compliant elevated skin temperature system, illuminators and motion detectors. With offices in Cerritos, California and Tampa, Florida, and manufacturing facilities in Seoul, Korea, DW® is committed to delivering powerful security solutions to its customers worldwide. As a Digital Watchdog authorized dealer, Safe and Sound offers, installs, and integrates the whole line of Digital Watchdog security solutions. We provide video surveillance systems to organizations of all kinds, from tiny enterprises to massive corporate networks.

Digital-Watchdog Products


The MEGApix® IVA™ cameras provide users the ability to automatically analyze video, detect and determine events at the edge. Processing the raw video data in the camera itself, near the source, significantly reduces bandwidth consumption increases accuracy and reduces response time.

MEGApix® CaaS All-in-one

DW’s CaaS™ all-in-one cameras operate as edge recorders, storing HD IP video locally, available in 256GB, 128GB or 64GB storage options providing up to 30 days of retained video. The cameras can easily be managed with DW Spectrum® IPVMS pre-installed on the cameras. No software to buy and install, no license keys and no OS to maintain.

MEGApix® Panoramic

DW® MEGApix® Pano™ multi-sensor cameras are the first in the industry to deliver full frame HD video streams at up to real-time 30fps. They are available in resolutions of 2.1MP/1080p and up to the world’s first 48MP camera (4x12MP sensors). Operating as several cameras in a single housing, HD multi-sensor cameras allow you to see more with a single installation, reducing all related costs, such as cabling and labor.

MEGApix : FLEX 4 IN 1

MEGApix® Flex™ 16MP multi-sensor configurable IP cameras reduce total system cost by providing four 4MP CMOS sensors in one housing and installation. The Flex™ camera produces four video streams at real-time 30fps. Zoom-in for forensic-quality details with DW Spectrum® IPVMS.


MEGApix® LPR IP cameras deliver crystal-clear images at resolution and real-time 30fps. The cameras are engineered to capture license plates of moving vehicles in extreme light conditions, from ranges of up to 60’ at up to 50mph. The IP66-rated housing and Cold Start at -40° F/-40° C assure that license plates are captured clearly and visibly no matter the lighting challenge or weather condition.


MEGApix® MEGApix® PTZ™ IP cameras offer up to 36x optical zoom and unparallel real-time 30fps resolution. With Smart IR™ LEDs for up to 1148ft (350m), DW’s IP PTZ cameras are ideal for any application looking for intelligent monitoring of vast spaces in any lighting condition.

Galaxy™ vandal ball cameras

The unique Galaxy housing provides 80° tilting, 300° rotation and 140° panning, with no need to disassemble the dome cover.

Blackjack® servers

Blackjack® servers powered by DW Spectrum® are robust and user-friendly video management solutions.


VMAX® IP PLUS™ are PoE NVRs that allows you to go from power up to monitoring in less than three minutes!

Network Devices


VMAX® A1 Plus™ DVRs are your reliable recording solutions for all camera resolutions up to 5MP. The VMAX® A1 5MP™ can output 4K video locally with true HD output and can record 2.1MP/1080p video at real-time 30fps. C3™ CMS takes video management to the next level. You are in complete command to control all your video surveillance systems in one intuitive interface. Easy-to-program alerts let you take action in real-time and manage the health of your devices.

Universal HD over Coax® cameras

Universal HD over Coax® cameras deliver crystal-clear images at up to 4K resolution and support HD-Analog, HD-TVI, HD-CVI and analog signals. The multiple housing and lens combinations offer a configurable solution that can be controlled via the same coax cable using UTC.