Illustra Cameras

Illustra security solution products middle east. Our Illustra Series high-definition IP-cameras provide various viewing angles, including a horizontal view and a corridor mode. These are ideal for retail stores, commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, banks, and more. 

Additionally, the cameras have advanced features like built-in IR illuminators, powerful video compression technology, motion detection to maximize the capabilities of your security system and analytics application.

Illustra Cameras Products

illustra security pro series

Illustra Pro Series
Premier performance security solutions

illustra Pro offers a high-level feature set for a diverse range of needs:

Illustra Flex Series
The next generation of adaptable security systems

illustra Flex offers excellent value versus real-word benefits:

Illustra Essentials Series
Quality meets simplicity for economic deployments

The Essentials varifocal and fixed DOME & Bullet cameras are ideal for economical deployments where simplicity and quality video are a necessity.


Illustra Standard camera line up was developed with price sensitivity in mind.