Q-net International Ltd. is a privately owned company, dedicated to design and manufacture products of information technology and bank sector.
Business activity embraces the complete product life-cycle and it ranges from unique design to serial production. We are committed to developing systems, services that are supporting companies, institution to serve their Customer Relationship Management. This commitment supports our company’s “Total Customer Experience” objectives.

Q-net Accessories


Simple solution without ticket to organize people standing in line. The central LCD shows the next available counter number, apart from the calling time it works as an advertising possibility Features:
Working method:
By pressing the calling unit, the teller sends his counter number onto the LCD screen. Customers are standing in the queue in front of the counters, looking at the central LCD screen, on which advertisement is shown. When the next counter number appears, the customer can walk to this calling counter. The system can provide basic statistical data.

Q-net Basic system

The Q-net Basic queue management system neither needs a PC, nor a system administrator surveillance.

In an environment where either there is only one service available or all services are served at any of the counters, Q-net Basic system means not only the best, but also the cheapest solution for optimizing waiting periods and developing a most comfortable and efficient service.

Most important features:

Q-net Pro – Special features

The Q-net Pro system is the best solution for organizing a complex customer turnover for top requirements.

There are general expectations like easy to understand its settings, easy to configure through its logical structure, has to be reliable both in hardware and in software side, includes all necessary features, and it has to be ready for client’s inquiries.

Most important features: