Rasilient Systems

Rasilient specialize in developing video surveillance solutions optimized for performance and cost-effectiveness. Their offerings include purpose-built servers, storage solutions, cloud services, AI appliances, and expert consulting. Rasilient enables businesses to enhance their surveillance systems with tailored solutions that exceed industry standards. Their commitment to innovation ensures that clients achieve superior security outcomes, whether upgrading existing systems or integrating state-of-the-art technologies.

Rasilient Viewing and Administration & Servers Products

exacqVision Professional

Powerful, Intuitive Video Management System (VMS) Features
exacqVision Professional VMS is compatible with:

exacqVision Enterprise

Build a Best-of-Breed Physical Security System
exacqVision Enterprise VMS is compatible with:
Multi-Level Mapping
Ease of Use & Flexible

exacqVision Edge
Full-Featured VMS Software Running on an IP Camera

exacqVision NVR -Z-Series

ExacqVision NVR- A-Series

exacqVision NVR Q-Series

exacqVision G-Series
Cost-Effective Video Recorders with Sophisticated Performance

The G-Series PoE offers sophisticated performance from a cost-effective NVR without the hassle of wiring cameras to a power supply. Equipped with a generous PoE budget, this NVR delivers 15 watts simultaneously on all ports, and up to 30 watts on any port, giving customers substantial flexibility on camera choices, with a simple plug-and-play setup.

exacqVision C-Series
Live Video Monitoring Stations

The C-Series Standard, Pro, and Pro Plus are available with a Windows 10 or Ubuntu Linux 18.04 operating system. The system supports 16-32 video streams at full HD, ensuring smooth playback during live monitoring or search. Easily placed on the back of a display monitor and VESA-mountable, these machines are simple to install and perfect for environments with limited space.

exacqVision S-Series
Networked Video Storage for exacqVision Recorders

exacqVision EM-Series
Enterprise Video Management, Simplified

Enterprise Video Management for Up to 2,000 Servers The exacqVision EM-Series servers offer large-scale deployments a robust, performant platform to monitor and manage up to 2,000 exacqVision Enterprise recorders.