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Software House offered total Solution From Entry Level to Enterprise Level And Seamless Integration.
Through its access control software and hardware lines, Software House provides customers with complete, real-time control over their security systems whether large or small. 

Front and center in the access control portfolio, the scalable C•CURE 9000 security management platform allows users to meet security needs from entry to enterprise level. Installations range from simple door controls to enterprise integrations with thousands of doors spanning many geographical areas around the world.

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C•CURE 9000 Security
C•CURE 9000 is one of the industry’s most powerful security management system providing 24×7 mission critical security and safety protection for people, buildings and assets. It provides a standard approach to physical access authorization throughout all your buildings, regardless of age, layout or location that you can access on your workstation, laptop or mobile device. The native interfaces combined with the Connected Partner Program helps us to deliver seamless integrations with over 300+ third-party security and business technologies. This provides interlocking layers of security protection from the perimeter to the center.

iSTAR Ultra G2 Door Controller

iSTAR Edge G2 Door Controller

iSTAR Ultra Door Controller – Up to 32 Readers

iSTAR Ultra SE Door Controller

iSTAR Ultra LT IP-Ready Door Controller

iSTAR Ultra Video – Access Control + Video Edge Device

iSTAR Edge Door Controller

Readers + Exit Devices

IP-ACM v2 Ethernet Door Module


RM-4 Reader Module

Input/Output Modules